Some people like the peace of mind knowing that there’s a warranty on the cellphone in case anything happens. Thankfully, that’s where MXtended Warranty come in.

MXtended Warranty is a service that extends your warranty up to 2 years with accidental damage. These will cover: (1) 100% Coverage on Mechanical Parts and Labor Cost. (2) Repair or Replace (replace units beyond repair). (3) Accidental damage covered from the date of purchased. (4) Service by Authorized Repair centers using original parts. It covers the cost of specified repairs after the manufacturer warranty expires.

You can avail these MXtended Warranty within the day you purchase your cellphone. The cost of MXtended Warranty will depend on the price of your cellphone. For example: If your cellphone is worth 30,000.00Php then you will have to pay 1,900.00Php to get an MXtended Warranty. The lower the price of cellphone, the lower the amount you have to pay to get an MXtended Warranty. This is onetime payment and the warranty begins after the expiration of the warranty provided by the manufacturers.

Before buying the MXtended Warranty, you must know what is included and what is excluded or the details of what is being covered under the MXtended Warranty. It will cover the same things that the standard warranty from the manufacturers covered. It means that the accessories won’t be a part of the coverage and water damage is also excluded to your warranty.

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